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The UK Space Agency needs you!

So, your child wants to be an astronaut?
Along with the aspiring pop star, wizard or princess – is it easy to dismiss these ‘typical’ childhood career choices as fantasy. It is also a common misconception that the UK space sector is relatively non-existent, associating anything ‘spacey’ with the United States.

In actual fact, according …

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Major Tim Peake

Maths-Whizz Reports track student progress all the way back to their initial assessment

Maths-Whizz Reports now provide parents and teachers with even more visibility on student progress. At any time, parents and teachers with subscriptions to Maths-Whizz Tutoring Plus can view Reports over any time period – including the entire history since the completion of the very first Maths-Whizz assessment.

Assessments: Part of the personalised tutoring …

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Effective Use of ICT in Schools

We need to do more to embrace ICT in schools
If employed effectively, innovative teaching practices can result in high-quality learning. Information Communication Technology (ICT) is an ever-evolving animal and it continually gives birth to new innovations.

At Whizz Education, we have spent the past ten years developing research and compiling data to …

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Image of a computer screen, tablet and smartphone - all different methods of employing ICT in schools

A tasty recipe for blended learning

Throw in a mix of both the traditional classroom and online learning tools (plus a dash of ingenuity), and what do you get?
A recipe for ‘raised’ educational standards via blended learning!

What is blended learning?
The term ‘blended learning’ is often bandied about in education – but what does it actually mean?

‘Blended learning’ is …

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Blended learning

Maths-Whizz is aligned to the 2014 National Curriculum for England

September 2014 marked the dawn of the new national curriculum in all local authority schools in England. Change can be daunting and, unfortunately, these particular changes have caused a certain degree of confusion for some teachers.
Do you feel prepared for the new curriculum?
If you’re in agreement with the Secretary General of the …

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Maths-Whizz curriculum views

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