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Tiki Parrot, the New Whizz Pet Designed by Whizzers!

The winning pet design from The Maths-Whizz Creative Competition is now available in the Whizz Shop.
Last month, we asked Maths-Whizz students to take part in The Maths-Whizz Creative Competition and design a new toy or pet for the Whizz Shop.

We received so many entries! The creativity and the effort that …

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Whizz pets

Prevent Summer Learning Loss

What is learning loss?
A significant percentage of the material that is learnt during term time is forgotten during the holidays, resulting in what parents and teachers around the world call ‘learning loss’.

When children are away from school for long stretches, like the summer holidays, the facts are globally recognised: The longer the holiday …

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World Cup fever hits Maths-Whizz!

Now that the world’s eyes are on football, there’s no reason why students can’t join in with the fun on Maths-Whizz!
If you’re a Maths-Whizz parent or teacher, you’ll know that a weekly usage journey now pops up every time a Maths-Whizz student hits usage targets throughout …

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NEW: Weekly Usage Journey!

Follow your weekly usage journey and never get lost with Maths-Whizz usage again!
As a Maths-Whizz parent or teacher, you will know that a child that uses Maths-Whizz for 60 minutes a week in their first year of use will improve by the equivalent of a year and a half, on average …

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Weekly usage progress

NEW: Question Counter and Pause Button!

Know where you are and hold onto your progress along the way!
Following on from the weekly usage journey, every Maths-Whizz child will now know exactly how much more time they need to put into their personalised learning journey each week. How about how much more time they have in each exercise or test …

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New Maths-Whizz "pause" feature

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