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Content Makes the Difference

Maths-Whizz Does More Than Provide Practice and Review – It Teaches

Educators who use Maths-Whizz are uniquely positioned to support their students on a personalised learning journey that ends in measurable gains. Built on research-based pedagogy, Maths-Whizz:

  • Is a rigorous maths curriculum that develops multi-step, critical-thinking skills in an engaging learning environment
  • Uses adaptive assessments to pinpoint the student’s Maths Age, including ongoing benchmark assessments
  • Prescribes a highly-personalised learning path based on ability rather than age
  • Responds to the student’s learning needs keeping students actively learning

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Personalised Teaching for Every Student

Maths-Whizz simulates the best practices of the most effective teachers by creating an adaptive, interactive curriculum, specific to the student’s learning needs.

  • On-going, integrated assessments keep students on the right track
  • Multiple learning strategies for each maths topic
  • Self-paced curriculum to engage all students
  • Immediate feedback and help targeting your student’s needs

 Instruction, practice, feedback and success

Instruction + Practice + Feedback = Success

Explicit instruction paired with meaningful practice and immediate feedback, consistently results in students who continue learning while building confidence and progressing toward their academic goals.


  • Teaches new concepts when students are ready to learn them, building on earlier skills
  • Has students practice skills so knowledge is reinforced
  • Provides feedback and help immediately, which reduces frustration and prevents burnout

Cool maths games and lessons

Motivation and Rewards

Maths-Whizz captures the attention of students with fun, interactive maths lessons that develop computational fluency, conceptual understanding and problem solving skills.

  • A game–like learning environment encourages students to practice and review by beating their previous scores
  • A variety of learning activities for each topic retain interest
  • Learning is encouraged through reward structures that keep students motivated to tackle new lessons and concepts as well as practising valuable skills


Reporting tools empower educators to make informed educational decisions that impact the learning outcomes for students.

Maths-Whizz records student progress every step of the way. Teachers see the skills each student masters, how long it took them to master the skills and how many times the Tutor intervened. Robust reports are available at the student, classroom and school levels.

Primary teaching resources - online reporting

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