Online Maths Tutor

Online Maths Tutor

Support your children with Maths-Whizz, the only online maths tutor that guarantees accelerated progress

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Online Maths Tutor

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Meet the multi-award-winning online maths tutor for 5-13 year olds

We believe that every child deserves a learning experience that caters to their individual needs and pace of learning. That's why we built Maths-Whizz, our ground-breaking online maths tutor that’s proven to accelerate learning.

Automatically personalise learning.

Instantly understand each child's unique potential.

Accelerate learning in maths.

How We Work With Schools

Every school is different. We'll work with you to achieve your goals in maths

Accelerated Learning

Maths-Whizz's online maths tuition automatically targets learning gaps so you can achieve more in your lessons.

Instant Reporting

Easily monitor every student's maths progress online with visual, accurate, real-time reporting.

Rewarding Teaching

Quickly plan and deliver your perfect maths lesson with high-quality classroom resources.

Proven Results

Students who learn maths online with Maths-Whizz improve their Maths Age™ by 18 months in their first year.*


Teaching resources and online maths tuition that cover the whole National Curriculum, in-depth.

Specialist Support

Your school's dedicated specialist will equip you to get maximum results with Maths-Whizz.

*Research by Whizz Education - conducted with over 12,000 students and verified by independent experts - found that students who used Maths-Whizz for 45-60 minutes a week increase their Maths Age, on average, by 18 months in the first year of use