Become a Whizz Education Affiliate

Are you looking for a way to monetise your content? Or perhaps you want to add to the list of educational services you recommend on your website? Then the Whizz Education Affiliate Programme is right for you.

Who we are

Whizz Education is an education partner accountable for learning outcomes. We were founded in 2004 on the belief that every child deserves a learning experience that caters to their individual needs and pace of learning.

Since then, we have partnered with schools, ministries of education and development agencies to bring the power of individualised learning to over a million students worldwide through our virtual tutor, Maths-Whizz. We currently manage implementations in the UK, US, New Zealand, Mexico, Kenya, The Democratic Republic of Congo, UAE and Thailand.

What is Maths-Whizz?

Maths-Whizz is the world’s leading virtual maths tutor. It uses Artificial Intelligence and world-class learning content to simulate the behaviour of a human tutor. Students are automatically guided along a learning journey that constantly adapts to their needs. Maths-Whizz has helped over a million children worldwide to develop knowledge and confidence in maths without the prohibitive cost of private one-to-one tuition.

Maths-Whizz has proven efficacy: research shows that students who spend an hour a week on the virtual tutor advance their learning by, on average, over 18 months in their first year of use.

Since 2004, Whizz Education has tutored over a million children worldwide to build their knowledge and confidence in maths.

Why parents love Maths-Whizz

As a trusted source of information for parents, we know that you wouldn’t want to recommend an educational service that didn’t deliver learning outcomes. With Maths-Whizz you can rest assured that parents will be grateful for your recommendation. Parents who sign up to Maths-Whizz receive:

  • Unlimited access to virtual tutoring, adapted to their child’s specific needs and pace of learning
  • Access to live reports that makes it easy to monitor their child’s progress
  • Accelerated progress in maths guaranteed: first-year learning gain of 18 months

With all that is going on at the moment, there’s never been a more important time for parents to invest in virtual tutoring. We’re seeing a huge increase in demand and with your help we can reach even more children.

The benefits of the Whizz Education Affiliate Programme

Earn revenue on every purchase

Monetise your content with ease

Give your audience the chance to save on the world’s leading virtual tutor

Are you a good fit?

Our affiliates range from bloggers to online stores. It is the perfect opportunity if you have:

  • A large audience of parents engaging with your contents
  • A network of parents that are keen to support their children’s education
  • An education site that recommends educational services to parents


How does it work?

The Whizz Education Affiliate programme couldn’t be easier. Just complete the form below and one of our team will reach out to you to ask you about your audience, and how you intend to promote Maths-Whizz. Once you’re approved, we’ll provide you with a voucher code to distribute to your audience/promote on your website or blog.

How do you track and pay commission?

Commission is tracked through a dedicated online payment platform, Rewardful. Every time someone uses your code, we track it in our system and use that to calculate your [monthly/quarterly] commission. You will have access to your Rewardful dashboard, from which you can track the visits, leads and commissions earned.

How much can I earn?

As a Whizz Education affiliate, you will earn a fixed percentage on every purchase.

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