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How to Teach your Child the Maths that will Save the Planet with Whizz Education’s Summer Challenge

Before climate change education makes its way on to the school curriculum in 2023, it…
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How to: Teach your child Advanced Division (using chunking, short division and long division)

We’ve spoken before about how to teach your child the basics of division, here. In…
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How to: Learn the properties of 2D and 3D Shapes

And here we arrive at the second of Whizz Education’s ‘how to’ blogs for parents,…
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What is Place Value?

Here at Whizz Education, we know the importance of having parental figures involved in a…
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What is Virtual Tutoring?

When you hear ‘Virtual Tutor’ do you think of a human tutor at the end…
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3 fantastically fun maths activities you can enjoy at home

From finding your path in a maze to becoming a professional illusionist, there are lots…
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