5 Sites for Easter Maths Worksheets

What, it’s Easter already? It only seemed like yesterday that we were putting up the Christmas tree and now we find ourselves about to enter the Easter break. Teachers, If you haven’t got any Easter material for your maths lessons, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our top five websites for Easter maths worksheets.

nine easter eggs of varying sizes


When it comes to maths worksheets for Easter, we have some fun resources that we think your students will really enjoy. Our free printable activity pack comes with 11 fun maths colouring activities that will test students on topics such as addition, multiplication, division and fractions. Better yet, every activity features a Maths-Whizz character including Whizz Bee, Hammy, Hippo, Fat Cat and Super Ant. We recommend you hop on over to our activities page and download one today.

Primary Resources

We’ve mentioned Primary Resources before in our 5 of the Best Free Maths Homework Help Sites blog. Well, they just don’t have great homework resources, they also have a number of holiday-themed activities for children, including a handful of maths worksheets for Easter. Activities range from an Easter-themed maths colouring worksheet for early KS1 children still learning their teen numbers, to a collection of Easter word problems for KS2 students. That said, our favourite worksheet is the ‘Easter Bunny’s Basket Activity’, a problem-solving task which challenges children to figure out how many combinations of red, blue and green eggs the Easter Bunny can use when packing his 3-egg capacity baskets. That is definitely one worksheet that will have children busy for a while!

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Math Drills

Yes, we realise this is an American site, but we still think the resources are highly relevant to British students. There are over 50 Easter maths worksheets across nine different topics. We particularly like the two really cool Easter-themed ‘cartesian art’ activities which use grid coordinates to help children draw pictures of a chick and a bunny.


We’re sure you’re all familiar with the Tes resource section, but one thing that may surprise you is the sheer number of Easter-themed maths activity worksheets you can find there, which currently totals over 600. The best thing about Tes resources is that they’re both posted and reviewed by your fellow teachers, meaning that if a resource has a high rating or a ‘Tes Picks’ certification, you know it’s going to be good. With so many Easter-themed maths activities available, it’s particularly important that you don’t forget to filter your search results using the options to the left, so you can find something appropriate for your students (e.g. depending on children’s age and the price you’re willing to pay).

TLS Books

Like Math Drills, this is a site from America, but all the activities are free and are appropriate for British students, particularly younger ones. While the number of Easter maths activities and worksheets isn’t huge, they do cover a fair few subjects like addition, multiplication and even graphing. We believe that these activities will be particularly fun for KS1 students as they involve a lot of colouring too.

There you go, folks! 5 websites with ‘eggsceptional’ Easter maths worksheets. If your students enjoy these worksheets, why not check out our Teachers’ Resource, which is available as part of a Maths-Whizz school subscription. With over 1240 lessons and worksheets, you’ll find something that caters for primary school students of every maths ability. Visit our schools section to find out more.

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