A locked play area to focus your students on learning

We know that every moment in the classroom is precious. Each lesson is a new battle to focus students’ minds on learning. Our teachers have often told us that even though the play elements of Maths-Whizz are a great motivator for students, they can also be distracting at the start of the lesson.

Maths-Whizz is designed to replicate the behaviour of a human tutor. Since a human tutor would focus students on learning before offering rewards, a virtual tutor should do the same.

That’s why we’ve decided to lock the Play Area. To earn the key to the Play Area, students on the US and UK school products are now required to complete 10 minutes of usage in each session.

20150629 - Image1

Students can chase down the key to the lock on their weekly usage journey, and if they get to 45 minutes of weekly usage the lock disappears for the rest of the week!

20150629 - Image2

Remember that usage can be earned in Tutor, Topic Bank and Replay; these items appear together in the study. All play-related items – including the shop – have been moved over to the Play Area.

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After the release, when students first log in they will see the reconfigured study and play area. In all subsequent logins the lock will appear.

Motivate your students to chase the key!

To make the expected progress students typically need to spend 30 mins/week on Maths-Whizz. By focusing students on learning, this release will help raise their usage levels. As usage goes up, so does achievement and confidence. What’s more, teachers can use the lock feature to motivate their students to chase usage goals in each session.

A locked Play Area lets teachers enjoy more control over their classroom; it lends confidence and security in the knowledge that all students are on task and working towards their learning goals.

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