Assessment Test – Assess for Success!

Learning with Maths-Whizz begins with simple and relatively quick assessment test.

Make sure your child gets off to a good start with the service with an accurate assessment result.

How the assessment test works?

The assessment test asks a series of simple exam-style questions on a variety of key topics. Students will continue to answer questions on a particular topic until they can go no further, when the assessment engine moves on to another key topic.

The assessment result is only as good as the student’s answers. A bad assessment may produce a learning plan that presents the student with questions well within his or her means, which will rapidly lead to boredom. Equally, an unnaturally good assessment produces a learning plan that is too challenging, and the student will become frustrated and demoralised quickly.

Don’t help them!

We always encourage students to give each question their best shots and, if in doubt, guess, but we insist students get no help answering questions. This is especially important if you have any older children in the household who may be tempted to give their brother or sister a hand! Younger children may need help reading the questions, but we always warn parents against hinting at correct answers.

Your child’s maths age

When the assessment is over you will receive a clear report on your child’s maths age, arranged by topic. If you feel this assessment test is not a good reflection of your child’s ability, we encourage you to let him or her try using the service for a while, even so – you may find that the exercises are set at the right level. If your child keeps passing exercises, the tutor presents more challenging material. If your child keeps failing exercises, the tutor provides learning support to help him/her.

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