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How to Help Your Child Make Mathematical Thinking a Habit

Maths is incredibly vast! There are literally millions of games, puzzles, paradoxes and intriguing problems to keep the mind occupied and engaged. Children…
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Announcing Topic Focus: A package of new releases to help you plan and deliver your curriculum

Maths-Whizz exists to make teachers’ lives easier. Over the past year, we have visited schools the world over to understand how to help…
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A tribute to Seymour Papert, the father of Artificial Intelligence

It's important to remember that Whizz stands on the shoulders of giants. One of those giants, Seymour Papert, passed away this past Sunday…
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Teachers will be firmly in control with this upcoming enhancement to the Maths-Whizz tutor

The Whizz team brings you an exciting announcement! Read on to discover how the Maths-Whizz tutor is being updated to better support your…
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