Goodbye Summer Break, Hello New School Year

A few tips on preparing for back to school

While many of us are sad to say goodbye to summer, getting excited about a new school year is very important to a successful student experience. Making the upcoming academic year feel fun and energetic can help students transition a bit easier. It is difficult to convince a child that the classroom can be just as much fun as the pool or a park, but showing them that school can be fun will influence their attitudes towards ‘back to school.’

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At Whizz Education, we have compiled a few important and fun ways to prepare students for the end of summer and a fresh start to the school year, because we know this can be a difficult task!

  • Begin a schedule: Studies show that children work best with a sense of structure; so beginning a back to school schedule can help them adjust to the new academic year. Start bed times a bit earlier, so for those who are inclined to sleep late can acclimate to school hours easier. If meal times have become slack during summer, be sure to begin a more regimented meal time to ensure that school meal times are in accordance with your child’s appetite.
  • Read some ‘fun’ books: Children are not always excited to read. Of course, at school, not all books are immediately interesting to students. Encouraging your child to embrace books that sound fascinating and engaging to them will help in the transition towards reading books that are more educational. Reading with a child can be a very rewarding experience, and fostering a love of reading is a most gratifying accomplishment!
  • Simple Numbers: Numbers are especially important! For the younger children, simple number games can make early maths easier. Fun things like counting the red coloured cars on your commute, or guessing the number of crackers in their lunch bag can get children thinking of the relevance of numbers in a fun way.

Of course, the new school year is exciting and daunting to all involved! At Whizz Education we are dedicated to make any and all transitions as easy as possible. We are enthusiastic at ensuring that teachers have all of the support that they need to enjoy a fruitful and productive school year.

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