Bellevue Students to Use Whizz Education’s Online Math Tutor to Compete in Academic Challenges

To complete the eight-hour math component of the challenge, students can access Math-Whizz.

Seattle, WA | The Parent Teacher Student Association of the Bellevue Elementary School District kicked off its annual academic challenge for students in K-5 at Clyde Hill Elementary, Spiritridge Elementary, and Puesta Del Sol Elementary. Hundreds of students will complete exercises in math, art, science, social studies, keyboarding and reading to win trophies and ribbons. To complete the eight-hour math component of the challenge, students can access Math-Whizz, the online, interactive math tutoring program created by Whizz Education, where math is fun, parents and teachers are involved, and everyone has a Math Age.

Math-Whizz transports students to an animated, whimsical world that adapts in real-time to each individual child’s level of performance, or their Math Age. If a student needs improvement in a certain topic to raise their Math Age, Math-Whizz provides the instruction and support to build those skills. As students improve, the program increases in difficulty. To ensure students the inspiration they need to succeed, they can earn credits that allow them to participate in the Whizz World. Parents and teachers can participate in Math-Whizz as well. Though the Parent Account, they can monitor student progress, send encouraging messages and print certificates of achievement.

As part of the Academic Challenge, students earn ribbons for each challenge they complete and a trophy for completing four challenges. Students who conquer all six challenges will receive a special “Principal’s Challenge Medal.” In June, principals of each school will present the awards at a school assembly. Students have until end of April to complete the challenges. “I love the idea that kids who might not excel in sports, but shine in math or reading can win a trophy,” said Marlene Dugan of the PTSA, who orchestrated the event. “Students can feel a sense of pride and have fun in the process.”

“As a Seattle company, we are proud to be involved in the Bellevue academic challenge for the fourth year in a row,” said Ben Keogh, President of Whizz Education. “We wish all the students who participate in the challenge the best of luck.”

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