The Best Maths Storybooks for Kids

Who says maths and literature don’t mix? At Whizz Education, while numerals will always be our number one, we also don’t mind flicking through a book or two! We’re always looking for fun maths activities that will help children engage with the topic, one such method is reading. In fact, we believe that storybooks about maths can often make the subject more understandable and relatable, particularly for kids who might not be passionate about it to begin with. In the aftermath of World Book Day, we’ve been doing some reading and have found what we believe to be the five best maths storybooks for kids. You don’t want to miss this blog, it’s a real page-turner!

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The Greedy Triangle by Marilyn Burns (5-8 years)

This is a fun maths book that introduces young children to numerous 2D shapes and the everyday objects in which they appear. It’s about a triangle who decides it’s bored of its life supporting roofs, catching the wind for sailboats and being a piece of pie, so it asks a shapeshifter to change it into a different shape. This sets in motion a story in which the main character experiences life as a quadrilateral, a pentagon and a hexagon, among other shapes. The book is a bit American in nature mentioning baseball, soccer and the US Government military HQ (can you guess why?), but it definitely has a lot of value as a fun maths book for young kids. Interestingly, the book also has a nice moral about embracing your true self.

2 X 2 = Boo!: A Set of Spooky Multiplication Stories by Loreen Leedy (4 – 8 years)

This is a fun maths storybook for kids that tells six spooky stories which will help younger children learn their 0 to 5 times tables. All the stories are presented in a comic book style and feature a wide array of quirky characters which kids will love, including witches who can make things disappear by multiplying them by zero, a greedy bat who loves multiplying all his food by four and a skeleton chef who uses the five times table to make a delicious soup. Additionally, the book comes with a free times tables chart which you can hang up in your house and use as a study aid.

A Remainder of One by Elinor J. Pinczes (4-7 years)

“A Remainder of One” is a fun rhyming maths storybook for kids that teaches them about division and remainders. It tells the story of bug soldier Joe, who is left behind because the bug queen wants her 25-bug squadron split into two equal lines during the bug parade. Not wanting to be excluded, Joe makes it his mission to find a way to even out the rows so he can march alongside his fellow soldiers. The beauty of “A Remainder of One” is that not only is it a fun children’s maths book, but it also provides a terrific lesson on perseverance and the importance of pushing on despite apparent failure. Because of its rhyming narrative, we believe this beautifully illustrated maths storybook would be particularly fun to read out loud with your children. It really is very engaging.

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The Number Devil by Hans Magnus Enzensberger (10+ years)

This critically acclaimed book is probably best described as a maths-themed Alice in Wonderland. 12-year-old Robert hates maths, mainly because of his boring teacher whose lessons make the subject seem confusing and tedious. However, one night in his dreams, Robert travels to a bizarre magical land and meets the Number Devil. During his 12 night adventure with the Number Devil, Robert is introduced to ‘prima donnas’ (prime numbers), rutabagas (roots) and even giant furry calculators. Soon enough, Robert begins to love maths. The reason this is one of the best maths storybooks for kids is because it makes maths fun and teaches children that all mathematical concepts have a practical application! Furthermore, Enzensberger’s wicked sense of humour will ensure that this is one children’s maths storybook that adults will enjoy.

Fractions in Disguise by Edward Einhorn (7-10 years)

This fun maths book teaches kids about simplifying fractions with an amusing and engaging tale involving a daring heist. George Cornelius Factor is a boy who collects fractions for fun but when the villainous Dr.Brok steals a fraction from a collector’s auction, George is called into action. Dr.Brok is infamous for disguising fractions, but thankfully, George has a handy reducer ray gun which is capable of obliterating these disguises! George’s ray gun serves as a clever vehicle for simplifying fractions in a way that primary schoolers will easily understand. Similarly, the numerous puns written into the story will also keep children laughing throughout.

There you go, folks! Five of the best maths storybooks for kids. While all these books cover a wide range of mathematical topics, they are merely the tip of the iceberg in terms of what’s out there. With that in mind, next time you’re searching for a book to read with your child, why not look out for one that will improve their maths skills as well? It will be a perfect addition to their bookshelf.

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