BETT Awards 2016: Maths-Whizz® announced winner in the International Digital Education Resource category

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Richard Marett, CEO Whizz Education, notes, “We are delighted that the jury recognizes the contribution of Whizz Education and its international partners in bringing adaptive virtual online tuition to learning environments around the world.”

Whizz Education is a pioneering education company that partners with parents, schools, Ministries of Education and Donor Organisations to raise standards in maths through virtual tutoring, teacher-led digital resources and application of best practices.

Maths-Whizz is now available in four languages – English, Spanish, Thai and Russian – and has been adapted to multiple curricula. Educators are supported by teams in London, Seattle, Nairobi and Dubai.

We would like to thank our partners Nanmeebooks in Thailand, Inteltech in Mexico, INT in Russia, iLearn in New Zealand and the iMlango consortium led by Avanti communications.

For more information about Whizz Education and the Maths-Whizz Suite, visit .

Maths-Whizz in Mexico

Maths-Whizz has been integrated as part of a holistic STEM offering, developed by Inteltech, a leading local Education Technology provider in Mexico, and is now being adopted by Mexican states seeking to use innovative approaches to raise standards in learning.

In 2015 Whizz Education partnered with the Institute of Education in Aguascalientes in Mexico to harness the power of online adaptive tutoring. Following the success of the first pilot program, a second phase is currently being rolled out and will reach 50,000 students across the state of Aguascalientes. Teachers receive training in how to implement both adaptive tutoring technology and whole-classroom teaching tools.

Maths-Whizz in Kenya

Whizz Education is currently working with Avanti (global satellite operator), sQuid (digital payment systems provider) and Camara Education (international charity and social enterprise) to deliver e-learning programmes to thousands of marginalized girls in rural Kenya, as part of a ground-breaking strategic partnership between the UK’s Department for International Development (DfID) and the private sector.

Project iMlango aims to deliver improved education outcomes to 150,000 children, including 55,000 marginalised girls in 205 schools. It aims to improve educational outcomes in maths, literacy and life skills for marginalised girls in Kenya. Whizz Education provides personalized online tutoring, digital learning content, and in collaboration with our partners delivering teacher training and capacity building to deploy ICT to achieve learning outcomes.

Maths-Whizz in Thailand

A Thai version of Maths-Whizz was launched in mid-2013, in conjunction with local partner NanmeeBooks. The partnership was secured with help from UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) bringing both Thai and English language versions of Maths-Whizz into Thai schools and school districts.

Through our partner’s professionalism and understanding of best practices in deploying ICT for learning , the Thai schools see some of the highest international standards of deployment and learning progress through Maths-Whizz.

The move into the Thai market forms part of Whizz Education’s core mission to bring high quality, personalized education to every student, anywhere in the world.

Maths-Whizz in Russia

Мат-Решка, the first foreign-language version of Maths-Whizz, was implemented in all 1500 primary schools in Moscow in 2012. Maths-Whizz played a crucial role in supporting the Moscow Department of Education’s goal to provide an individualised learning trajectory for every child in primary-school maths starting with 100,000 grade 1 pupils.

The project involved capacity building and training of 4000 teachers to apply ICT tools to achieve learning gains. Whizz Education worked with a local partner – INT – to convert Maths-Whizz, all support services and teacher training modules into Russian.

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