Who’s Your Maths Role Model?

We all need role models, but who's your maths role model and are they female? Our data shows that there is no difference…
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A timeline of schoolyard sensations

A Timeline of School Playground Games – Infographic

Do you remember your school playtime? It was the part of the school day that you looked forward to the most, right? It's…
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Maths-Whizz animated exercise for learning shape and space

Shape and Space Lessons – Better than Da Vinci?

Check out the animated Shape and Space lessons in Maths-Whizz and feel like Mr. Leonardo da VinciI! (sort of). It might not help…
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red help button

Maths Help Emergency!

Need maths help? Well, maybe the police can help you! If you’re struggling with maths homework and it seems nobody can help, why…
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old-fashioned Twister spinner board

Maths Twister Game

Want to learn your number bonds* and get some exercise? Try the Maths Twister game! In this video, you can see how this useful…
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