Mathematics is in a state of constant flux. Our ways of knowing and understanding mathematical concepts is entwined with the tools and technologies available to us. At a time when the smartphone you carry in your pocket possesses more processing power than the machines that sent man to the moon, we must reflect on the […]

What? September already! Yes, folks, it’s that time of year again when parents have to reacquaint themselves with the joys of packed lunches, school pickups and homework checks. We know this can be a challenging time, so to help make things easier, we have put together this useful Back to School Checklist for Parents. 1. […]

If you were to play a word association game with a school-aged child, you’d be pretty unlikely to get a response of ‘cool’ when you asked them what word first came into their mind when you said ‘maths’. Despite what some people may tell you, maths is far from dull. On the contrary, there are […]

At Whizz Education, we know how important it is for children to learn their times tables, not just for school but for life in general. Earlier this year, we wrote a blog discussing eight fun ways to teach your child times tables and this went down so well with parents that we decided to follow […]

Are you mystified by multiplication? Flustered by fractions? Dazed by division? One of the most common frustrations you’re likely to face as a parent is an occasional inability to help your child with their homework. This can easily be avoided though, as there are plenty of resources out there with maths tips for parents who want […]