New Topic Progression Chart

Topic Progression Chart: Find out how much progress your class has made in each topic

Want to know which topics your students need to work on most? Find out where to target your teaching for maximum impact with…
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Unfed Whizz Pets to be Donated to the Whizz Zoo

Whizz pets need to be fed just like real pets, so all unwanted pets will be looked after at the Whizz Zoo! As…
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‘No more skipping through test questions!’ says Whizz Professor.

You may or may not have noticed your child scoring low on tests within Maths-Whizz even though they've scored highly in the associated exercises. This…
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Maths-Whizz is now Certified by kidSAFE

Maths-Whizz provides a safe interactive environment for children - as certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program. Maths-Whizz has been certified by an independent…
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Maths-Whizz on Puffin Academy

Maths-Whizz is Now Available on iPads and Android Tablets with the Puffin Academy App

Parents, teachers and students can now access Maths-Whizz on iPads and Android tablets We are pleased to announce that Maths-Whizz® is available on mobile…
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