Education Secretary Damian Hinds has issued a challenge to the EdTech industry to launch an education revolution. To hear such language from the DfE is invigorating and signals long-overdue recognition of the potential for technology to positively transform classroom practice. Among the five opportunity areas identified by the Education Secretary, there is mention of improved […]

It’s important to remember that Whizz stands on the shoulders of giants. One of those giants, Seymour Papert, passed away this past Sunday 31st of July 2016 at the age of 88. It is no exaggeration to say that Papert revolutionised the way computers are thought about and used in education. He was a true […]

Whizz’s product team has been busy researching and designing ways to make Maths-Whizz even more exciting for students.  We believe that the only way to conduct research is to put ideas in front of users and hear their thoughts first-hand. On Friday 3rd June, the Product room at the Whizz Education London Office was transformed […]

Whizz’s Head of Product, Junaid Mubeen, recently delivered a presentation at the 2016 Harvard Global Alumni Conference for International Educators. Junaid graduated from the International Education Policy Master’s program at Harvard in 2012 and had the opportunity to reconnect with education thought leaders and practitioners from around the world. The presentation, titled Learning and Teaching […]

Whizz presentation at What the Research Says Whizz was invited to present at the UCL Knowledge Lab on the topic of artificial intelligence in Education. The panel of expert speakers explored various themes raised in the recent report Intelligence Unleashed, which makes the case for using AI to advance learning and teaching. In his presentation, Whizz’s […]