Proven exam taking strategies for students

You're sitting in the exam hall. The time for preparation is over. There is no more anticipation. It is just you and the…
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Six SATs Tips for Teachers

Brace yourself, folks! The KS2 SATs Maths papers are now less than a week away! At Whizz Education, we know that the immediate…
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5 Famous Female Mathematicians You Should Know

Hey, have you heard of Einstein? Yes. Ok, how about Pythagoras? Yeah, we thought you would have. But have you heard of Hypatia?…
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5 Sites for Easter Maths Worksheets

What, it’s Easter already? It only seemed like yesterday that we were putting up the Christmas tree and now we find ourselves about…
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5 Maths Movies for Kids You Can Show in Class

It’s no secret that students love watching a film in class, but it’s fair to say that most films generally lack educational value.…
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