5 Maths Movies for Kids You Can Show in Class

It’s no secret that students love watching a film in class, but it’s fair to say that most films generally lack educational value.…
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5 TED Talks you must show your maths class

Looking for a way to breathe new life into your maths lessons? Then we suggest you check out the excellent maths riddle videos…
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What Makes A Good Maths Problem-Solving Question?

A common misconception around maths is that there is always a single ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answer. Yet the richest mathematical experiences give teachers…
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It’s time for the Maths-Whizz Winter Adventure 2016!

With schools closing for the winter holiday, Maths-Whizz is a fantastic way to continue progress and prevent learning loss. Every year, our Whizz Winter Adventure makes…
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Topic Focus: A teacher’s guide

This academic year, we launched a major upgrade to your Maths-Whizz experience. Topic Focus is a new release which helps you teach maths more effectively…
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