Changing Lives: online virtual maths tutoring in rural Kenya

“Leapfrogging” is a surprising, and an inspiring phenomenon.

As Rebecca Winthrop notes in her article for the Stanford Social Innovation Review,

“Many African countries never systematically invested in laying phone lines, yet today access to cell phone service on the continent has grown so rapidly that in many cases communities are more likely to be connected to the outside world via cell phone service than to have access to electricity or running water.”

Across the “developing” world, innovators are using technology to transform lives. And they are doing so without taking many of the long, painful steps to progress taken in the “developed” world. This is called leapfrogging, and it has huge potential for education.

As Winthrop argues, it is vital that we help educators to seize this potential. By doing so, we can transform education for millions of marginalised children around the world. And by doing that, we can give those children a better life.


Whizz Education is proud to partner with educators in Kenya on the iMlango project. Supported by the Kenyan Ministry for Education and the UK’s Department for International Development, we are working alongside Avanti Communications, sQuid and the NGO Camara Education.

With these partners, we are delivering our award-winning online virtual tutoring service, Maths-Whizz, to thousands of marginalised children in rural Kenya. As Winthrop describes, we are working to

“personalise learning while more seamlessly collecting data on student attendance and performance in real time.”

Every child we support receives a personal Maths-Whizz login. With it, they access a whole world of colourful, animated mathematics which constantly adapts to meet their unique learning needs. Through their online interactions with the Maths-Whizz Tutor, these children build part of the foundations for their future success; confidence, ability and enjoyment in numerical skills.

Every teacher we support receives a Maths-Whizz Teachers’ Dashboard. With it, they access real-time data that allows them to precisely track and understand the needs of every child in their classroom. This information empowers them to mould their own teaching to suit the needs of their students, making their daily teaching far more effective.

iMlango now improves learning outcomes for 150,000 Kenyan children in almost 200 schools. The name of the project, “iMlango”, is derived from the Swahili word “mlango”, meaning door or portal.

Whizz Education is privileged to help provide so many children with the doorway to a better life.

Rebecca Winthrop’s article is available here.

This year, our Head of Product, Junaid, travelled out to see some of the iMlango schools he works with. You can read about his humbling journey “beyond the data” here.

You can read about some of iMlango’s success stories here.



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