Create new and exciting personalised certificates for every student!

From January 2021 our Maths-Whizz Teacher Certificates will be migrating from Flash to make the experience better and easier for teachers to navigate on all devices. Along with this new and improved layout, you’ll also find some exciting new features being released throughout the year, so watch this space!

Personalised certificates

One of the first releases to explore is the new and improved design and personalisation options for your student certificates. Personalisation underpins everything we do here at Maths-Whizz, so why should this stop at certificates! Every student is different so when creating their certificate of achievement, we want to ensure that each student’s personality is reflected in the design to make them feel special and rewarded.

We also realise that creating a personalised reward for every student is time-consuming for teachers. That’s why, our new design and layout features will make it super easy for you to adapt each certificate with the name of the student and choose the right design for them – all with just a few clicks!

Gold awards and medals to reward

Log in to your Maths-Whizz teacher account, select your class, and click create certificate and you’ll find all the options available to create personalised and stylish certificates that your students will love! With new borders and background designs to reflect each student experience, along with badges and images to reward students with awards and medals, there is something there for everyone.

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