“Dodecahedrons” is very hard to spell

Who would have predicted, twelve months ago, that mums and dads up and down the country would be spending their evenings searching “How to do Algebra?”, “What is Geometry?” and ‘Trigonometry. HELP!’

But the lockdowns have changed so much in our lives and parents are now often part time teachers, as well as being mums and dads!

Maths is great at solving puzzles, but all too often it’s been the maths itself which has left people puzzled, as they try to help their children with their class and home work.

It feels like a very long time ago since we were at school learning about maths ourselves, and whilst you use maths in almost every aspect of your daily life, often without realising, how maths is taught today and how maths works can feel very alien and confusing.

So this is where Maths-Whizz can help.

Designed for five to thirteen years olds, Maths-Whizz is an online virtual tutor, that can be used from the safety of your front room, dining table or child’s bedroom.

Using advanced artificial intelligence, Maths-Whizz calculates the ‘Maths Age’ of your child and then sets them constantly evolving interactive and fun lessons to guide them through the entire school maths curriculum.

Achievements are rewarded with ‘credits’ for your child to spend on their own interactive worlds, leaderboards help them compete against their friends and full reporting is available for you to track their progress and hard work.

Whilst we can’t guarantee you won’t turn to search engines for help with other subjects, we can guarantee that if your child uses Maths-Whizz for sixty minutes a week, after one year they will have advanced their ‘Maths Age’ by eighteen months.

So make the next internet search you type in be “Maths-Whizz”, and let us help both you and your child not just learn about maths but learn to love maths too. After all, life today is complicated enough and “Learning about dodecahedrons” is very hard to spell.

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