Insights at your fingertips with fortnightly email reports

We know how challenging and time-consuming lesson planning can be. When it’s 7 am and you’re in a mad rush for school, logging into reports can sometimes feel like a step too far.

Whizz has always been committed to delivering insights at the point of need. And now we’re bringing those insights to your fingertips.

We’re delighted to now offer dedicated email reports to all Maths-Whizz teachers, principals and administrators in the UK.

Your school will only receive emails if your contacts list is up to date. Not sure? Then reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager, sit back and wait for the reports to come to you!

Your Monday morning kick, brought to you every two weeks

The email reports will be sent every two weeks, early Monday morning, starting March 21st. The emails include class-by-class summaries of Usage and Progressions for the previous two weeks.

The combination of Usage and Progressions gives a reliable overall picture of the effort and achievement of each class in your school and is a great way to instill some healthy competition between teachers!

Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll see in the emails.


How to interpret Usage and Progressions

Remember that Usage includes all time spent in Tutor, Replay and Topic Bank.

A student achieves a Progression when they master a new learning objective (usually by passing both the exercise and test) in Tutor mode.

The guidelines below will help you steer your class in the right direction.

20160308-BlogPost2As with all reporting, these guidelines should be applied flexibly within the context of each class.

What you’ll see in the reports

The emails contain a snapshot of what you see in the School tab of reports (for the same reporting period).


You’ll also notice that Total Usage and Total Progressions are now both shown in the header of all the main reporting pages.

A huge step towards personalised Teacher Emails

We will be introducing individual teacher emails later this year that summarise the progress of your students.

If your contacts list is not up-to-date, be sure to reach out to your Customer Success Manager so that you don’t miss out on real-time insights into your students’ overall progress!

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