Engaging Learning for Beating the Back-to-School Blues

Going back to school can be a fantastic time of the year if we provide our children with engaging learning tools that help them to find happiness in learning.

Summer is well and truly over (Look outside the window if you don’t believe us!). September has arrived and that means it’s time to get back into a routine – parents can give the baby sitting duties a rest, while their little ones are faced with the beginning of a new school term.

Settling back into a routine is difficult enough for a lot of adults, but it’s perhaps even harder for thousands of children. For many students, the new school term means being locked in the classroom, wearing the dreaded grey uniform and spending long, tedious hours studying subjects that are of little interest. There’s no room for fun and games – which could soon become a distant memory of the months in the sun…

Get your children excited!

Despite the long hours, the cold weather and the grey uniforms, there is still hope! Parents can help beat the back-to-school blues – you might not be able to set the alarm for 10am instead of 7am (although I’m sure you wish you could!), but you can make sure your children get excited about all of the opportunities the year will bring and the fun they could have learning new things.

Engage for success

It’s all about engagement. Even the most boring or the most difficult task can become fun, easy to understand and easy to implement if it is presented in the right way. Educational games like Periodic Quest are revolutionary for children who struggle with chemistry or have difficulty in understanding areas such as the periodic table of elements. Chemical compound formulas can be easy and fun, thanks to games like this.

The same principle stands for maths. For many children, going back to school means having to declare war on maths again. These children spend hours staring at their notebooks, hoping that those inanimate numbers will eventually come alive and make sense… but they just don’t.

Maths-Whizz, the online maths tutor, makes maths fun for 5 to 13 year olds. Thanks to the engaging animated games and lessons, children can make rapid progress in their maths confidence and ability, while having fun. The fun doesn’t have to stop when Summer does!

One maths lesson in Maths-Whizz

It’s all about engagement and finding happiness in learning, so help your child find happiness in numbers and achieve their untapped potential today!

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