5 Fun Maths Board Games That’ll Improve Your Children’s Maths Skills

Let’s face it, while a lot of us know that maths is fun, it can often be a bit of a struggle to convince children to think so too!

One great option is to support your child with engaging online maths tuition, but if you’re looking for something that’s fun for the whole family, nothing beats these five board games that teach maths skills.


1. Pizza Fraction Fun Game

Finally, a way to make maths both fun and delicious! As the name suggests, Pizza Fraction Fun Game uses the magic of pizza to help children learn how to identify fractions, match fraction equivalents and also how to add and subtract with fractions. Better yet, the difficulty level can be increased, so as children become more confident, the game can be made more challenging. Throw in the fact that it’s actually seven-games-in-one and it’s clear that this maths board game is a sure-fire winner. Amazon’s reviews indicate that the pizza pieces look pretty realistic too, so we recommend that you have some real pizza close by while playing, just to ensure the playing pieces stay uneaten!

Ages: 6+
Players: 2-6


2. Head Full of Numbers

This is basically the Maths version of Boggle. Players roll six dice out of a shaker shaped like a mad professor’s head. They then place the dice in a tray and try to make as many mathematical equations as possible using the numbers rolled out. Oh, and did we mention that there’s a strict time limit? Beginners can use addition and subtraction, while division and multiplication can be introduced for more experienced players.

Ages: 8+
Players: 2+



3. Prime Climb

This game, a kind of hybrid of Ludo and Snakes & Ladders, is one to really get excited about! Not only does it teach children about prime numbers, but it also requires them to regularly exercise their addition, multiplication, division and subtraction skills in a competitive, yet fun, environment. The game is basically a race, with each player required to move their two pieces (known as ‘pawns’) to space 101, located at the board’s centre. How is this done? By rolling dice of course! But unlike your standard board game, where movements are made by adding dice values together, during a game of Prime Climb, players can move backwards or forwards by adding, subtracting, multiplying and/or dividing the numbers rolled together with those printed on their current space. That’s not all though. If a player lands on the same space as an opponent, they have the ability to ‘bump’ said opponent back to the start of the board. Additionally, landing on a prime number gives players access to bonus cards that can completely change the course of the game. Our Director of Education, Junaid Mubeen, believes this is one of the best maths board games for kids on the market. He recently wrote a blog further outlining its benefits. Check it out here.

Ages: 10+
Players: 2-4



4. Equate

Equate is probably best described as Scrabble’s mathematical cousin. While Scrabble requires players to earn points by using letter tiles to make words, during a game of Equate, players earn points by assembling equations with number, fraction and mathematical symbol tiles. Like Scrabble, extra points can be earned by placing tiles on ‘double equation’ or ‘triple symbol’ spaces (like the ‘double-word’ and ‘triple letter’ squares in Scrabble), so strategic thinking can also be developed while playing Equate.

Ages: 8+
Players: 2-4


5. Monopoly

Believe it or not, this old family favourite is littered with maths lessons. Not only can it teach kids how to add, subtract and even multiply through using fake money to buy imaginary properties, but it can also teach them about number sequencing and even probability! Got a child who is struggling with determining the odds of a certain outcome occurring? Try asking them the likelihood of rolling doubles and offer them £50 worth of Monopoly money if they get it right. (Hint: it’s 1 in 6.)

Ages: 8+
Players: 2-10


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