Whizz Education at Harvard Global Alumni Conference for International Educators

Whizz’s Head of Product, Junaid Mubeen, recently delivered a presentation at the 2016 Harvard Global Alumni Conference for International Educators. Junaid graduated from the International Education Policy Master’s program at Harvard in 2012 and had the opportunity to reconnect with education thought leaders and practitioners from around the world.

The presentation, titled Learning and Teaching in The Machine Age, focused on three core themes:

  • The power of a virtual tutor in adapting to each child’s individual needs and pace of learning.
  • The role virtual tutors can play in enriching learning environments and deepening the teacher-student relationship.
  • Interpreting progress data within students’ unique context.

The audience was introduced to Maths-Whizz, which served as the context for these talking points. The presentation inspired several follow-up discussions on how to ensure technology is designed and implemented to serve our educational goals – a core tenet of product development at Whizz.

Download the full transcript of Junaid’s talk, Learning and Teaching in the Machine Age.


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