Maths-Whizz Assessments have been Improved!

The Whizz Education team has been working to improve the Maths-Whizz assessment process and improve your students’ experiences of Maths-Whizz.

Assessments are key in enabling the Maths-Whizz tutor to calculate the tailored learning journey for each individual child. We all know what children are like – if they are discouraged by their first experience of something, they will refuse to try it again. In order to ensure that your students have the best possible experience of Maths-Whizz from the very beginning, we have introduced some changes to the Maths-Whizz assessment process. We have refined and tuned the logic which means it will take students less steps to reach the same accurate Maths Age of the student.

There are two key changes to the new and improved assessments:

1) The new assessment logic

Schools have reported that the assessments can take a long time to complete within the constraints of the school timetable. This can be frustrating for students whose Maths Age is several years above or below their actual age. We have therefore improved the algorithm that is used in the assessment process. This new algorithm finds the Maths Age of each student with the same degree of accuracy, but faster.

Animated lessons now in Maths-Whizz assessments

2) The option to skip the animated exercises

We have had feedback that students love the animated exercises. We also have heard that the animated exercises can elongate the assessment process, when students are eager to just get stuck into Maths-Whizz. As a compromise we have kept the animated exercises in, with the option to be skipped if preferred. This is explained to the student via a visual illustration of the ‘skip’ button when the first animated exercise is shown.

Skip animated lessons in new Maths-Whizz assessments

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