London to Kawangware: What do Johnny and Lucy make of Maths-Whizz?

This fantastic post is from Hannah, our Customer Success Manager for Parents and Home Learning. 

Working for Whizz, I’m naturally passionate about all children having equal opportunities and access to individualised learning. For me, this passion also ties into a personal project; I’ve been directly sponsoring school fees for Johnny and Lucy since I first met them four years ago in Nairobi, Kenya.

On my most recent visit, I was eager to get the children on Maths-Whizz. I’ve seen first-hand the impact it can have on children, both in their ability and their confidence. I wanted to share that with Johnny and Lucy. I also wanted to get a clearer insight into their current levels of understanding, something I knew the Maths-Whizz reports would deliver.

Johnny’s favourite subject is maths. Sadly, in the UK you’ll sometimes find stigma about enjoying maths, but that’s not the case in Kenya – Johnny is proud to profess his love of maths! He also understands how important the subject is for his dream of becoming a scientist.

Maths is Johnny’s strongest subject, especially compared to his reading and writing. On the other hand, Lucy couldn’t even read or write until last year. Even though her literacy skills have improved, she benefitted from the audio instructions in Maths-Whizz lessons.

I was particularly interested by both children’s results from the initial assessment. Knowing their overall Maths Age is useful, but my main focus was on their ‘progression bar’ – the graph that shows each student’s learning profile, their strengths and weaknesses across all the key maths topics.

I wasn’t surprised to find that Place Value was by far the strongest topic for both children. We often see a high score in this topic in the UK as well as in Kenya.

I also felt apprehension about what else I’d find out on the Maths-Whizz assessment. Lucy started school for the first time at age 7 and Johnny started at age 9, meaning Johnny went back to the equivalent of Year 1 and Lucy to Reception. I wasn’t sure whether the late start might have left big gaps in their learning.

However, I was delighted to see that both children had a ‘rounded’ learning profile. Neither of them had any major gaps in their ability, and their Maths-Age reflected their year group at school, which is a really great sign for their future progress.

Celebrating success is a huge part of what we do at Whizz Education. So, after completing the initial Maths-Whizz assessment, Lucy, Johnny and I made sure to celebrate with stickers and certificates. This was a source of great excitement for the kids, who instantly started covering their school books in Maths-Whizz stickers!

I’m glad to say that both Johnny and Lucy are highly motivated, having never missed a single day of school and fully embracing their education. They both loved Maths-Whizz and – with lots of chuckling at the lesson animations – both children effortlessly reached the recommended 60 minutes of Maths-Whizz usage per week.

I’m excited to see them embrace Maths-Whizz and I can’t wait to watch their young minds grow. Watch this space for an update!

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