Learning loss or learning gains? A virtual tutor will make the difference to your home learning

This is part 4 of a series of blogs on home learning. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

As parents, we’re having to adapt to so much change that it can seem quite an effort just to stay afloat at times. But there’s also a golden opportunity to help your child through the disruption and come out the other end better equipped to excel in their learning.

There’s no shortage of ideas and resources out there at the moment. It can be dizzying to think through all the options and it’s not always obvious whether you’ve made the right choice.

Home learning doesn’t need to be this difficult and you do not need to be an expert educator to make wise choices that set your child up for success.


One hour a week is all it takes to prevent learning loss

What matters most is that your child’s learning can continue uninterrupted during this time, and that you have some way of measuring their progress.

Our research shows that students who switch off from learning for 6 weeks can lose around two and a half months of knowledge. That’s a lot of learning to claw back.

But here’s the flipside: with a structured programme of study, tailored to your child’s needs, you will see dramatic results in the other direction. The Maths-Whizz virtual tutor is proven to accelerate learning with just an hour of usage a week.

This chart shows the difference Maths-Whizz makes over a 6-week period. Students who do not have structured learning lose around 2.5 months of learning, while students who use Maths-Whizz for an hour a week improve by around 2 months. So it’s a 4.5-month difference in just 6 weeks.

That’s all: one hour a week to ensure your child continues to learn and develop. And since Maths-Whizz reports progress back to you in real time, you can monitor your child’s progress quickly and easily. You can rest assured that irrespective of everything else going on, your child is building a strong foundation for long-term success in maths. It will complement what they are learning at school, and keep them moving along even amid all the disruption.

You can monitor your child’s progress through your Parent Account. It’s easy to use and has flexible options that give you insights into how your child is developing in maths.


Make it a routine

An hour a week for accelerated learning – it seems too good to be true. It’s not that surprising, though, when you consider that every moment your child spends with a tutor is focused squarely on their specific needs. Maths-Whizz diagnoses your child’s knowledge gaps with surgical precision and constantly updates their learning plan with each lesson attempted. With that kind of dedicated focus, the learning gains are sure to follow – and our data confirms over and over again that students worldwide reap the benefits of Maths-Whizz with just an hour a week.

All that’s left is to schedule time in each week for Maths-Whizz. In previous blogs we’ve stressed the importance of building routines into your home learning. In the long run, success in maths comes from being consistent.  You can download our weekly planner to set up your schedule and the Parent Account lets you track your child’s progress as closely as you need to.

As you look to safeguard your child’s learning, and seek a proven way of supporting your child’s learning in maths during these difficult times, then consider making Maths-Whizz part of your weekly routine.

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