The world’s most innovative librarian changes lives with Maths-Whizz

At Whizz, we’ve always been committed to changing lives through education technology. Now, Maths-Whizz is behind one of the world’s most innovative librarians.

We are delighted to announce that Mrs Purity Kavuri-Mutuku has won an international scholarship for her work with Maths-Whizz.

As Senior Librarian at the Nakuru Public Library in Nakuru, Kenya, Purity runs an inspirational maths programme for schoolchildren, using computers to give students access to Maths-Whizz virtual tutoring.

The expert judging panel were impressed by the way that Maths-Whizz changed students’ attitudes to maths, and celebrated the ‘attractive and fun’ learning experience, as well as major improvements in ability.

And there are other benefits too, says Purity. Her students haven’t just made big gains in their maths learning, they’ve also improved their reading, language and computer skills with Maths-Whizz.

We’re thrilled to see Purity’s hard work rewarded on such a scale, and we couldn’t be more proud to support her students.

International renown

Purity will share her experiences at the 2017 Next Library International Festival, held this year in Aarhus, Denmark. The festival brings together leading innovators from across the world in a series of open forums, where they build on and learn from each other’s expertise.

Originally, Purity wasn’t convinced by the prestigious invitation: “When I received the email, I first dismissed it as spam…” However, (after a more thorough check) Purity has accepted the invitation and will fly to Denmark to collect her prize and speak publicly at the festival in June.

Our congratulations go out to Purity, and to the thousands of innovative teachers, tutors and librarians using Maths-Whizz around the world. Every one of you deserves an award.

‘EIFL is a not-for-profit organization that works with libraries to enable access to knowledge in developing and transition economy countries in Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe and Latin America.

‘In a highly networked digital world our activities help people to access and use information for education, learning, research and sustainable community development.’

Next Library

‘A NEXT LIBRARY® event is an international gathering of forward-thinking library professionals, innovators and decision-makers who are pushing boundaries and making changes that support learning in the 21st century.’

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