Maths Twister Game

Want to learn your number bonds* and get some exercise? Try the Maths Twister game!

In this video, you can see how this useful classroom game help students practise their number facts and mental arithmetic by playing a variation on the classic game ‘Twister’: the Maths Twister game!

This way of doing your homework can be handy if you’re desperate to enjoy the sunshine. We recommend our home students use Maths-Whizz for 60 minutes a week, which gives lots of time for exploring maths in the real world – give it a try!

(* number pairs that total a given amount)

Recipe for your own Maths Twister game

  1. One Twister game set (you can make your own with a large cloth and smaller cloth circles
  2. Playing cards or number flash cards
  3. Velcro stickers or ribbon
  4. Stick velcro sections to the backs of the playing cards (or number cards), and stick velcro to the Twister spots, ensuring that any card will stick to any spot.

How to play and have some fun learning maths!

Place the cards on the playing mat, ensuring there are enough number pairs to make the stated total and that the pairs are far enough apart to make this something of a challenge!

Rather than select a random number or colour for every turn, a child is given a random number every other turn. For instance, I give three children the numbers 2, 6, and 7 respectively – they each put a foot on a number. I then ask each child to find the corresponding number that will make ten – 8, 4 and 3, respectively.

Things get messier in the Maths Twister when the hands come into play! I choose another three random numbers and each child in turn places a hand on their respective numbers. On the next turn, they have to find the corresponding numbers to make ten, just as they did with their feet.

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