Maths-Whizz 2.0 is performing better than ever thanks to your feedback

When we released Maths-Whizz 2.0 in 2019, we knew there would be some teething issues. We’re always delighted to hear from our users firsthand. Your feedback keeps us on our toes – exactly where we like to be!

We’ve listened. Over the past year, our engineers have been hard at work to address your wonderful comments and suggestions.

So today, we’re pleased to announce that Maths-Whizz 2.0 (student experience) has just undergone a huge performance upgrade.

We won’t bore you with all the technical details, but you can now be assured that your students will experience Maths-Whizz more smoothly than ever before.

They should notice that lessons load more quickly, animations are much slicker and we’ve stamped out many of those pesky bugs you’ve told us about.

We’re not done yet. Product improvements are an ongoing process for us. So if you or your students are experiencing any problems, or have any suggestions on how Maths-Whizz can be improved, just let us know.

Email [email protected] and we’ll be only too glad to dive in.

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