Maths-Whizz – Initial Maths Assessment

The first stage in your child’s journey with Maths-Whizz is the maths assessment.

How it works?

The Maths-Whizz assessment asks a series of test-style questions, in order, based on a starting position that matches your child’s expected ability at that age. If your child passes the questions, he or she will get steadily harder questions until they start to fail. If your child fails the first assessment questions, he or she will get steadily easier questions until they start to pass.

Encourage your child to complete the assessment in one or two sittings, and ensure he or she is relaxed and alert. The maths assessment sets the learning plan for Maths-Whizz, so it’s important! But don’t worry if the assessment doesn’t go perfectly, because the nature of Maths-Whizz means that we will continually assess the student in Tutor mode.

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Check your child’s report

Once the assessment is complete, login to your account page and check your child’s Maths-Whizz report card. Discuss the results with your child – this is a good opportunity to find out what subjects are causing your child problems – and agree a schedule for learning Maths with Maths-Whizz. We recommend that students use the Maths-Whizz tutor for 60 minutes a week. Our research has shown that dividing that time into smaller blocks, such as three 20-minute sessions, increases children’s concentration and learning.

You can also watch a Maths-Whizz video tutorial on the maths assessment here.

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