Thank you to our users: Maths-Whizz shortlisted for 2017 Bett Award

We are proud to announce that the Maths-Whizz Home Version has been shortlisted for the Bett Awards 2017 for Best Education Support Resource for Parents/Home Learning.

The Bett Awards celebrate “inspiring creativity and innovation” in technology for education. “Recognised as the ultimate showcase for the exceptional and the innovative, winning a Bett Award is without doubt the industry’s highest accolade.”

Last year, the judges recognised Maths-Whizz around the world by awarding Whizz Education the 2016 Award for Best International Digital Education Resource. This year, we’re thrilled to see them recognise Maths-Whizz at home, too.

At Whizz Education, we work hard to help provide every child with the learning experience they deserve. We believe that children deserve to learn in a way that suits their unique needs and pace, a way that gives them the confidence and inspiration to reach their true potential.

That’s why we build Maths-Whizz.

But this award isn’t for us. It’s for you – every one of our students and parents. The Bett judges have recognised “inspiring creativity and innovation” in Maths-Whizz, but those things don’t come from us. They come from our users.

Every bit of inspiration, creativity and innovation we’ve put into Maths-Whizz started and ended with the children and the parents who use it. The way you use Maths-Whizz to teach and learn at home is what helps us to keep improving. So thank you all.

Keep up the great work!

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