Maths-Whizz: Supporting Schools in Rural Kenya

Every school faces unique challenges and this rural school in Kenya is no different. One of their challenges is the heat! Without a fan in the room the children wouldn’t be able to work for long…

It’s always important to celebrate students’ success, but this blog highlights the people who, working together as a team, ensured the students achieved success with Maths-Whizz.

The school’s Maths-Whizz implementation is at a very high standard thanks to the commitment of teachers Zeepie and Josphat, and their Customer Success Manager for Kajiado County, Elijah.

We arrived on Saturday morning to find the ICT room already full. The school had no problem enticing these dedicated children to come in on the weekend to use Maths-Whizz. In fact, the team threw a Whizz party to celebrate the children’s fantastic effort, but had a real challenge persuading the children to leave Maths-Whizz!

With training from Elijah on the Maths-Whizz School Reports, Zeepie had worked hard to ensure she has a greater understanding of her student’s mathematical abilities. This shaped her teaching, since she was able to instantly see which areas certain students required more assistance with.

A few stand out students had previously had large learning gaps; with good usage they achieved a much more rounded learning profile and significant overall improvement. We could instantly see how engaged the children were and the aspirational focus of the school.

Elijah shared some inspiring stories about how Maths-Whizz engages the children. Among those mentioned was Sharon, aged 12. Sharon comes from a large family and none of her siblings had the opportunity to attend school. One day, she saw the children coming into the lab with their iMlango cards. Sharon decided then and there that she would join them at the school. Despite facing resistance from her father and a big distance to travel each day, Sharon is now prospering at the school.

The topic chart clearly shows the impact Maths-Whizz has had on Sharon’s learning, aside from just inspiring her to join the School.

The blue bars represent her progress since using Maths-Whizz. Sharon’s teacher, Alice, commented that Maths-Whizz has empowered Sharon in reading and writing as well as mathematics. With help from Maths-Whizz, Sharon has gone from 20th in her class to 12th in just one term, and she’s already aiming to finish the year in the top 10.

All in all, it was a truly inspiring visit. The dedication of Elijah and the school, working together to successfully implement Maths-Whizz has had a huge positive impact on the children’s lives.

It’s amazing to think that this is just one of the many success stories happening across rural schools with the iMlango Project.

iMlango is a DFID funded project, implemented by a consortium led by Avanti Communications.

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