New Zealand School is Raising Standards in Maths with Maths-Whizz

“I’d pay for Maths-Whizz out of my pocket so that my students could have it” – Ted Barks, Year 7/8 class teacher at PT England School.

PT England School, a Years 1-8 Primary School with 600+ students in Auckland, took part in an interview for Interface Magazine during ULearn 13, the largest education event in New Zealand. The schools is part of the pioneering Manaiakalani Cluster and widely regarded as a successful adopter of e-learning practices.

Chris Perkinson from iLearn Interactive, the New Zealand distributor for Maths-Whizz, who was also interviewed by Interface at the ULearn event, said: “There has been much in the media about a need for a numeracy programme to support New Zealand schools – Maths-Whizz is that programme! … Many schools will follow PT England and other schools using Maths-Whizz to support their maths programme and raise numeracy results.”

Maths-Whizz, PT England and Ilearn Interactive.

You can read the full interview by Interface Magazine here.

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