‘No more skipping through test questions!’ says Whizz Professor.

You may or may not have noticed your child scoring low on tests within Maths-Whizz even though they’ve scored highly in the associated exercises. This can happen if children click through the questions quickly without attempting to answer the questions.

Why do children need to complete all of the questions in the tests?

Not all children appreciate the importance of tests. Without tests, a tutor cannot accurately establish a child’s ability in order for them to move at the appropriate pace along their personalised learning journey. This is no different with the Maths-Whizz Tutor. If a child doesn’t answer all of the questions in a test…

  • They will have to redo the test and its associated exercise next time – this can be very demotivating.
  • Their average test score will be lowered – giving inaccurate results for their parents and teachers.
  • Their progress will be limited – they will not be able to move along their personalised learning journey until they complete the test!

So how can we encourage children to complete their tests? Whizz Prof to the rescue!

In order to encourage children to answer all of the questions in their tests, the Maths-Whizz Tutor is now keeping an eye out for this. If it detects that a student is not trying to answer the questions in a test, the Whizz Professor will appear and remind them of the importance of tests, encouraging them to answer the questions.

As well as helping to motivate students and encourage them to progress further, this will make test scores more accurate, meaning that parents and teachers can easily and accurately keep track of progress, without having to investigate the hidden mysteries behind this mischievous behaviour!

To find out more about this intervention from the Whizz Prof and how it might affect your child, please contact Customer Support.

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