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Maths-Whizz student improvement

How is Maths-Whizz Different from Other Products?

What makes Maths-Whizz the best online tutoring service in the market? How is it different…
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old-fashioned Twister spinner board

Maths Twister Game

Want to learn your number bonds* and get some exercise? Try the Maths Twister game! In…
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Student learning with maths-Whizz

Assessment Test – Assess for Success!

Learning with Maths-Whizz begins with simple and relatively quick assessment test. Make sure your child…
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Tuesday, the best day for using Maths-Whizz Online Tutoring

Maths-Whizz statistics gave us the answer to the most pressing question of our time -…
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zoom of one of Maths-Whizz usage reports

Maths Sessions – Little and Often

Students learn best in maths sessions of around 20 to 30 minutes. Sessions on Maths-Whizz…
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Maths-Whizz – Initial Maths Assessment

The first stage in your child’s journey with Maths-Whizz is the maths assessment. How it…
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