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7 Tips to Help Ease SATs Exam Nerves

It’s no secret that exams can be daunting. Most adults quiver at the prospect of…
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5 Top Tips For SATs Maths Practice At Home

It’s April and you know what that means? Yes, that’s right, SATs exams are now…
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5 Famous Female Mathematicians You Should Know

Hey, have you heard of Einstein? Yes. Ok, how about Pythagoras? Yeah, we thought you…
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5 Sites for Easter Maths Worksheets

What, it’s Easter already? It only seemed like yesterday that we were putting up the…
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5 of the Best Free Maths Homework Help Sites

It’s no secret that learning doesn’t stop in the classroom. Children need to consolidate their…
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The Best Maths Storybooks for Kids

Who says maths and literature don’t mix? At Whizz Education, while numerals will always be…
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