Triangle of Success – Building Parental Engagement

How Maths-Whizz can help and other helpful tips

Why is Parental Involvement Important?

 Studies have proven that students with actively involved parents are significantly more likely to thrive in school.[1] In fact, many funding opportunities require schools and districts to engage parents in educational activities.  But how can parents get involved? There are several ways:

  • Volunteering – helping out at the school and school functions
  • Communicating – having open communication with teachers and principals
  • Community collaboration – working in the community with schools
  • Decision making – being involved with making key decisions in education
  • Learning at home – encouraging at-home learning

Children who are encouraged and supported at home gain confidence, earn higher grades and are more likely to graduate and move on to secondary education, so it is important for our future to ensure that parents have opportunities to be involved.

How Maths-Whizz Can Help

Whizz Education believes in supporting the Triangle of Success. When engaged parents team up with empowered teachers, we create motivated students!

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Maths-Whizz can be practiced at home! Parents can enjoy watching their children have fun and progress in math during after school hours. Because the program is fun, engaging and encouraging, it is an easy and efficient way to get children to practice math.

Parents have access to view their children’s progress, giving them insight and opportunity to congratulate accomplishments and to encourage their children in certain areas.

In schools that use Maths-Whizz, teachers are able to share reports and progress with parents during parent-teacher meetings or through regular email updates.

Robust reporting makes sharing information between teachers and parents easy and understandable.


Other Ways to Get Involved

Create open communication with your child’s teacher. Teachers want parents to be involved! It is mutually beneficial for the educational success of students.

Find a time each day to ask your child what they worked on in school that day.

Whenever feasible, attend family night functions to connect with other parents and students to hear their thoughts and ideas.

If you use social media, check to see if your child’s school also has an account. Often they will update their accounts with school news and opportunities to participate in school-wide activities.

Remember, great things can be achieved when you are involved in your child’s education! Everyone benefits from collaboration.


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