Parents Go Back to School to Help Their Children

Parents across the UK are going back to school in an effort to help increase their children’s achievement levels.

As the Melton Times shared a few days ago, parents are going back to school to learn how English and Maths are being taught in primary schools today. The Working Together Programme provides insight into teaching and learning tactics in order to help parents to support their own child’s learning, with the discovery of many practical and fun activities that can be replicated at home.

This programme is based upon the importance of parental involvement in their children’s education. Maths-Whizz is based upon the same concept. In conjunction with our research, feedback from parents, students and teachers indicates that the best results are achieved when…

  1. Parents are involved and engaged
  2. Students are motivated
  3. Teachers are well informed

Maths-Whizz Triangle of Success

These three points are the ingredients in (what we at Whizz Education call) the ‘Triangle of Success’. Maths-Whizz enables students to achieve success with the help of their parents and teachers by embracing  whole class teaching tools, personalised online tuition, best practices and full reporting for both schools and parents.

Just like Whizz Education, the Working Together Programme believes in the importance of parental involvement and in strengthening relationships between parents, schools and children. Educational initiatives such as this make all the difference in helping to increase confidence and engagement, thereby helping children find happiness in learning.

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