Question Counter and Pause Button!

Know where you are and hold onto your progress along the way!

Following on from the weekly usage journey, every Maths-Whizz child will now know exactly how much more time they need to put into their personalised learning journey each week. How about how much more time they have in each exercise or test, or what to do if they need a break before they can get to the end of the questions? Well guess what…?

Now you can see know how many questions are left…

Children that use Maths-Whizz will know that they can view the number of questions that are left in their current exercise from the question counter and progress menu in the top right-hand corner of their screen. They can now do the same with tests.

Question counter on Maths-Whizz tests

The question counters and progress menus for exercises and tests allow children to see how many more questions they need to answer before they reach the end of the session and can safely exit Maths-Whizz without losing their progress.

Now you can make sure progress is saved before exiting…

In order to progress through Maths-Whizz, children must complete each exercise or test to the end. If they exit before they have answered all of the questions, any progress will be lost and they will have to start again from the beginning of that section the next time they use Maths-Whizz.

To discourage this from happening, the Whizz Professor has now made a point of popping in whenever a child attempts to leave the Maths-Whizz Tutor half way through an exercise or test, reminding them that their progress will not be saved if they leave now.

Exit Warning

Of course, regular breaks are also good for children. Rather than leaving the exercise before they have answered all of the questions, they can now pause the exercise and come back to it at the same point when they are ready.

Option to pause a Maths-Whizz lesson

This ‘pause’ button allows children to have a toilet break, a snack or even a run around in the garden, without getting automatically logged out. Remember, children still need to complete paused lessons when they return in order for the progress (and those precious credits!) to be saved.

Exercise progress after pausing a Maths-Whizz lesson

… and what does all of this mean?

No more excuses for a lack of progress when you view the Reports! Along with the Whizz Professor warning, the weekly usage journey and other improvements, these changes are designed to increase motivation levels throughout lessons, resulting in improved progress, increased usage and happier children!

If you have any questions about how these changes may affect your child and the way they use Maths-Whizz, contact Customer Support.

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