Save time rewarding students and encourage replay with our improved school usage cap


We all know that the key to sustaining students’ learning and motivation to keep learning, is not to overdo it.  That’s why, in Maths-Whizz there has always been a recommended weekly Usage cap set to limit students’ Tutor time to 90 or 120 minutes.

As a teacher, you can set this weekly Usage cap yourself within the platform. Instead of having to set up an automated message for each student, we have now introduced a default message that works for every student to save you time, and give each student praise and encouragement to try and improve their lesson time and score in Topic Challenge.

This pop up message takes students directly into their Topic Challenge without any work needed to be done by you, where students then get the chance to replay their lessons to improve their performance as well as reinforce their learning.

The Usage cap is automatically reset overnight on Sunday, ready for your students to start a new week.

Get started today

To set a Usage cap:

  • Go to ‘Manage Classes’ in your Maths-Whizz teacher account
  • Select a class or specific students
  • Click ‘Set Usage Cap’
  • Choose cap (90 or 120 mins)
  • Save. You’re all set!

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