School-wide usage cap and total tutoring time

Keep track of your school’s usage levels by setting a school-wide weekly usage cap and following the total number of tutoring hours through Maths-Whizz!

If your school uses Maths-Whizz Tutoring Plus, you will know how important correct usage time is for your students’ progress. Just as the new weekly usage journey will make it easier than ever for your students to keep up with the recommended usage times, these changes will make it easier for you to both keep track of them and enforce them – guaranteeing a better Maths-Whizz experience and improved progress in maths.

School-wide usage cap

As a Maths-WhIzz teacher, you will know that you can set a weekly usage cap for your students on an individual and class basis. This is useful when a few of your students get so excited about Maths-Whizz that they can’t tear themselves away from it – but what about when your whole school picks up the Maths-Whizz addiction?

You can now apply a weekly usage cap for every student in your school. As well as preventing your students from over-using the Maths-Whizz Tutor, it will help support sustainable progress for your whole school over time.

school usage cap_detail

To apply this usage cap, log in to your school Maths-Whizz account and click ‘Set School Usage Cap’ at the top of your School Reports.

If you choose to set this usage cap and a student reaches the set maximum usage time, they will receive a message to notify them that they will not be able to access Tutor mode for the rest of the week and to encourage them to use Replay mode to recap previous learning objectives instead.

Remember that this cap will affect all students in your school, so check that all of the teachers in your school are in agreement before implementing a cap! (But you can override this usage cap for individual classes and students within the chosen class and students Reports.)

Total tutoring time

It can be easy to forget how much work your students have put into their maths education when you’re focusing on optimising those weekly usage times. That’s why the ‘Total tutoring time’ is now displayed in your Reports, helping you to understand the amount of personalised tutoring time that your students have had through Maths-Whizz (within the chosen reporting period).

Remember that the total tutoring time is a combination of the number of hours spent in Tutor mode and Replay mode. Hover your cursor over the green labels in the top right-hand corner of the Reports to find out how much of this time has been spent in these two modes!

total hours of tutoring_detail

To find out more about these changes to your Reports, or to find out more about Maths-Whizz Tutoring Plus, get in touch with Customer Support.

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