Shape and Space Lessons – Better than Da Vinci?

Check out the animated Shape and Space lessons in Maths-Whizz and feel like Mr. Leonardo da VinciI! (sort of).

It might not help you write backwards, sketch the Vitruvian Man, or design a wooden helicopter, but in one tiny respect this challenging ‘eyeballing’ test might just make you a little more like the great Leonardo da Vinci.

parallelogram eyeballing test

The great man of art and science was a famously good draftsman with an apparently perfect eye for shape. The short, fun maths test above will have you estimating the positions of parallelogram vertices, centrepoints of circles, midpoints of angles and more. It will test your knowledge of geometry and your natural sense of space and shape, just watch your mouse doesn’t slip.

If you’re looking for something a little more useful, but no less challenging, you should check out any one of the 142 animated Shape and Space lessons in Maths-Whizz

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