Students can now design and personalise their own virtual study area

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Which wallpaper will your student choose in their newly designed study?

Over the past few months, students have been choosing their own study area to work from home alongside their parents or siblings. Now, they can design their own virtual study area on Maths-Whizz with the new study theme – and can take it with them whether in the classroom or studying at home!

Whizzy knows how important it is for students to be able to customise their own learning environment and make Maths-Whizz their own. It’s what makes learning fun, and we know if learning is engaging, students will keep logging back in for more!

For this reason, Whizzy has been busy thinking up different themes that we know students will love, and the first one to be released is the new study theme.

So, what can students choose from to personalise their own study?

New Mixed theme

3 new wallpaper and floor themes to suit every age and personality…

  • Japanese theme
  • Candyland theme
  • Sports balls wallpaper

as well as the previous wallpapers and themes recently added …

  • Sky wallpaper and cloud floor
  • Fairy castle wallpaper and flower floor
  • Polkadot wallpaper
  • Wooden planks floor
  • Dinosaur wallpaper
  • Disco dancefloor


Spend their credits from completed lessons on a desk, chair and some shelves…

With differing credits for each furniture piece, students will be motivated to continue learning and completing additional lessons to earn more rewards for their study area.

Over time, students will also be able to submit their newly designed study area as part of competitions and be proud of their creations.

Which one will your student choose? Here’s a sneak peek at some of the designs…

New Japanese Theme

Start designing…

Remember to keep an eye out for new themes coming this year!

Whizzy loves to hear how your students are getting on and what they think of our new features. Share your stories with us or ask your questions at [email protected]

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