Sun’s out, Sums out!

Summer is finally here and so too is the Maths-Whizz Summer Adventure!

The Summer Adventure is a fantastic way to keep children motivated, engaged, and challenged over the summer holidays, and will help them to reach their full potential in September.

Inactivity over the summer is known to result in 2-3 months of lost learning. Keeping their brains active over the holidays is crucial for preventing summer learning loss, and gives children the best possible advantage ahead of the new academic year.

Summer01 Summer02

To unlock the exciting world of the Summer Adventure, children simply need to log in and complete lessons within the Maths-Whizz Tutor between 11th July and the new school term.

Whilst in the adventure, children must help the Whizz Professor navigate his way through the jungles of South America, by completing a variety of maths-related games and activities.

Summer01 Summer02


Keep children engaged whatever the weather this summer. Help them to prevent summer learning loss and, most importantly, to have fun with the Maths-Whizz Summer Adventure.

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