Maths-Whizz Reports now provide parents and teachers with even more visibility on student progress. At any time, parents and teachers with subscriptions to Maths-Whizz Tutoring Plus can view Reports over any time period – including the entire history since the completion of the very first Maths-Whizz assessment. Assessments: Part of the personalised tutoring equation… When a child […]

The winning pet design from The Maths-Whizz Creative Competition is now available in the Whizz Shop. Last month, we asked Maths-Whizz students to take part in The Maths-Whizz Creative Competition and design a new toy or pet for the Whizz Shop. We received so many entries! The creativity and the effort that Whizzers put into their drawings was amazing! Thanks […]

It’s easier than ever to get your children to complete their Maths-Whizz student assessments! As part of the continual improvements to Maths-Whizz Tutoring Plus, student assessments (both initial and reassessments) have been improved. In order for students to be taught to the appropriate level for their individual ability, this ability must first be assessed across the topics […]

The Whizz Education team has been working to improve the Maths-Whizz assessment process and improve your students’ experiences of Maths-Whizz. Assessments are key in enabling the Maths-Whizz tutor to calculate the tailored learning journey for each individual child. We all know what children are like – if they are discouraged by their first experience of […]

Learning with Maths-Whizz begins with simple and relatively quick assessment test. Make sure your child gets off to a good start with the service with an accurate assessment result. How the assessment test works? The assessment test asks a series of simple exam-style questions on a variety of key topics. Students will continue to answer […]