What is a webinar? A webinar is a live meeting that takes place via the internet. The meeting can either be a presentation, demonstration, discussion or instructional session. During the Maths-Whizz webinars, the team will talk you through the specified topic and then answer any questions you may have. All webinars last half an hour […]

Whizz Education and iMlango! Working in rural Kenya Whizz Education is excited to be involved with iMlango schools in rural Kenya. The program focuses on bettering education and offering the basic resources all children deserve to access; including internet, digital education services and outstanding content. The program also aims at increasing and maintaining student attendance. […]

Know where you are and hold onto your progress along the way! Following on from the weekly usage journey, every Maths-Whizz child will now know exactly how much more time they need to put into their personalised learning journey each week. How about how much more time they have in each exercise or test, or what […]

Want to know which topics your students need to work on most? Find out where to target your teaching for maximum impact with the new Topic Progression Chart. The Topic Progression Chart has now been added to the ‘Topics’ tab within your Class Reports. You are now able to easily identify the average ‘Topic Age’* in […]

Whizz pets need to be fed just like real pets, so all unwanted pets will be looked after at the Whizz Zoo! As a parent or a teacher, you’ll know that students work hard to earn credits on Maths-Whizz so that they can buy toys and pets from the Whizz Shop. We all want to […]